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I'm a Minecraft Mapmaker and Web Developer from Germany.
X Head


Left Arm

Right Arm

Left Leg

Right Leg

Who are you?

Hey there, I'm Masp, also known as MaSp005 and I am a Minecraft Mapmaker and Web Developer based in Germany. My mission has always been to make code and maps as open as possible. Almost all my projects are on my GitHub and many of them are free to use with attribution.

What are you doing?

I am the creator of the Minecraft Maps "Gruft" (2021), "Herobrine's Mansion" (2021), "Dream" (2020), "Try2Die" (2019) and a bunch more. I also took part in the creation of MCPema, MCLunia and CubeCompetitive, acting as either the co-creator or one of the developers.

Where else can I find you?

You can find all my links on my Socials Page.

Can I play your maps on stream / video?

I am fully open to creators playing my maps on stream or in videos as long as you do not sell it as yours and link it in the description.

Made with by myself lol - Random Fun Fact: The top panorama is randomly generated. - Legal Notice