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Privacy Policy

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Legal Notice

This site is run by:

Marcel Spelsberg
The home address can be requested via e-mail.

Email: contact.masp005@gmail.com
Further contact details can also be requested via e-mail.


The contents of this site are subject to german copyright. Copying, editing, publishing, transmission and displaying of the contents for commercial purposes or non-personal reasons of this site is prohibited without my express written consent, except where otherwise noted.

Accountability for Links

Parts of this website contain links to external services and other websites. These links are provided for your convenience and do not imply any endorsement by the author of this site. The contents of these websites are provided by the respective owners. I am not responsible for the contents of these websites.

Privacy Policy

Contact Data

This site is run and data is evaluated by:

Marcel Spelsberg,
Email: contact.masp005@gmail.com

What data is stored & How it is used

When using my site normally, no personal data of you is being stored. If you download a map from here, it will be logged, when and what has been downloaded, but not any personal data of who downloaded it.

The servers and website is hosted in Germany, from provider Hosmatic.
They may also store data of users, which I do not have access to. For further reading, visit their privacy policy.

How long Data is stored

The logged data has no finite lifetime. It are being stored, as long as they are needed for the service of this website. As soon as these conditions are no longer met, the collected data will be deleted immediately.

About this policy

This privacy policy was composed by me personally, and is not legally binding. It is only a legal notice, which explains what data is stored and how it is used, in order to allow for easier use of the site and to offer the user an easy way to understand how their data is stored and used and how they can revoke their consent.

I retain no rights to this text and allow anybody to modify it and use it for their own purposes. I retain no guarantee for the accuracy of this policy, and I am not liable for any damages caused by the use of this policy.

German Version / Deutsche Version →